Building Inspector

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The Building Inspector is responsible for examining buildings to make sure that they confirm with the building code, and are safe to use. The primary goal of a building inspector is to enforce the building code. The code is designed to create a minimum level of safety and construction quality. Because building codes tend to change frequently, the Building Inspector spends a great deal of time keeping up on the latest additions, alterations, and removals to the building code, so that we are judging buildings to the proper standard.

As a general rule, when a new structure is built, before the structure can be used, the building inspector must be allowed in to examine it, confirming that it is safe for use. If the building inspector clears the building, it can be occupied or sold, depending on the intent of the owner. We also inspect plans for new construction which are brought to us for approval, so that issues with a structure can be identified early, saving time and money.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Rick Donovan Building Inspector 603-878-2772 ext.415
Lori Rautiola Land Clerk 603-878-2772 ext.415
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