Highway Department Description (continued)

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Over four thousand feet of culvert pipe are in need of some type of repair. Winter ice problems (water backing up on roads), frost heaves, age of the road and the existing culvert pipe are factors that contribute to the need for routine maintenance and future road reconstruction. The crew replaced over one thousand feet of culvert pipe in each of the last four years.

Each year we evaluate several miles of paved road according to the town's Five-Year Master Road Plan for reconstruction based on condition, traffic load, geography, and other factors. The paving contract goes to bid in early April. We use some crushed gravel for road reconstruction, culvert replacement and dirt road improvements. All road reconstruction preparation is done with Town of New Ipswich equipment. We are also responsible for maintenance of Town owned buildings and pool.

Winter maintenance varies from year to year depending on the type of precipitation, amounts and the time of day it arrives. Please for your own safety, do not tailgate emergency equipment and slow down when approaching snow removal equipment.

The Board of Selectmen have adopted a snow and ice policy detailing the department's guidelines and procedures regarding winter operations. Copies of this policy are available at the Town Office.

Please install mailboxes as far out of the right-of-way as possible. Most often snow from the plow and not the plow itself is responsible for damage.

Annually the Town appropriates $500000. For the road capital improvements program, and generally the Department coordinates road reconstruction and/or paving projects in cooperation with private contractors.