New Driver Privacy Act

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New Ipswich Police Department

661 Turnpike Road




April 24,2017


To: Residents of the Town of New Ipswich


Ref:  Motor Vehicle Accident information


Due to recent changes of the Driver Privacy Act (NH RSA 260:14), it has been determined that the State of NH Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles is the only entity authorized to release driver information, including accident reports.

Going forward, any party involved in an accident who wishes to request a report will need to complete DSMV Form 505 (…/divisi…/dmv/forms/documents/dsmv505.pdf) and submit it to the State DMV.

I would encourage anyone who is involved in a motor vehicle accident to exchange information at the time of the collision, as we will no longer be able to provide information to the operators or to insurance companies, therefore slowing the time that the accident can be resolved through the parties involved or parties involved  and insurance companies.

Any questions regarding this process can be directed to the Division of Motor Vehicles by email at or by telephone at (603) 227-4040.

You can also find additional information on their website (…/financial-respo…/accidents-crashes.htm…)




Timothy A. Carpenter, Chief of Police