Visible House Numbers

When an emergency occurs, whether it is the need for fire, police, or an ambulance, seconds count. Precious time is wasted if your house number is not easily seen from the street.

Did you know that the Town of New Ipswich has a house numbering ordinance?

This ordinance was adopted pursuant to and consistent with the NH RSA 31:39 and NH RSA 231:133-a. The purpose of the ordinance is to enhance the rapid location of properties for the delivery of public safety and emergency services.

Per section 5 of the ordinance:

Every owner shall display and maintain in a conspicuous place on their property the number assigned to the residence. They shall be displayed in numerical form and be no less than three (3") inches high, be a contrasting color from the background, and preferably reflective in nature. They shall be posted near the principal entrance to the property, be legible from the road, and seen when approaching from either direction. If the residence is not visible from the road, the owner shall place the assigned number on both sides of a post or mailbox at the entrance to the property.

Violations and Penalties (per Section 7 of the ordinance):

Any violations of any provision of this article of this ordinance shall be subject to a civil fine assessed by the Board of Selectmen, payable to the Town of New Ipswich of $100.00 for the first offense, $200.00 for the second offense, and $300.00 for the third and subsequent offenses, together with attorney and other legal fees incurred by the Town in the enforcement of this ordinance.


Three inches is the minimum, but larger numbers will make your house easier to identify from the street. Using numbers with contrasting colors (light numbers on dark background, or dark numbers on light background) will also make it easier to identify your home.

  • Large numbers make it easier to find your house: 415
  • Small numbers make it not as easy to find your house: 415
  • Letters (especially decorative) make it difficult to find your house: Four Hundred Fifteen