Vehicle Registration


All vehicle registrations begin at the Town Clerk's office.


Renewals should be done during the birth month of the first person on the registration. The old registration or a copy of your renewal notice should be presented at the time of renewal. You may renew for other people with their registration or renewal notice and your photo ID.


Please mail in your renewal notice along with a single check for any and all transactions payable to the Town of New Ipswich, separate State check is no longer needed. A self addressed stamped envelope must be included for us to mail it back. If the envelope is not included, the registration will be held at the Town Clerk's Office for pick up.

Mail renewals to:

Town Clerk
661 Turnpike Road
New Ipswich, NH 03071

e-regRenew on-line: Renewals only.


You must bring in the current registration along with the title or the blue title application and bill of sale for the vehicle you wish to transfer to. You will not be able to transfer without the registration. The State will allow you to pay $18.00 for a reprint of your registration if you have lost your current registration.


Vehicles from the year 2000 and newer require a title. You can not register a vehicle without a title or a blue title application. Vehicles 1999 and older require a bill of sale and one of the following:

  1. valid out of state title
  2. previously issued New Hampshire registration
  3. Verification of VIN form (TDMV 19A) available at the Town Clerk's office or download from State website.

When a new Title is created, ALL parties being listed on the title must be present to sign the application. Under 18 years of age must have parent fill out a parental consent form every year until 18 years of age. If you have moved here from another state and your vehicle is less than 15 years old you will need to convert your out of state title to a New Hampshire title. If your title is held by an out of state lien holder, you will need to bring in your vehicle information and lien holder name an address and apply for a title. You CAN NOT register your vehicle without your title. If your new to town, you must provide proof of residency in the form of a utility bill or legal document with your street address.


Boats can be registered at the Town Clerk's office. There is a $5.00 Municipal agent fee added to your registration fee.

For renewal bring in the current registration or renewal notice.

For a new registration of a New Hampshire boat new to you, you will need a bill of sale and old registration. For an out of state registered boat new to you, you will need a bill of sale and a vessel verification form (157 A) available at the Town Clerk's office.