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The purpose of this committee is to preserve our Old Town Hall. The building is a structurally sound building that has been at the same location since 1817, and parts of the building were taken from an older Meeting House that predates the Revolutionary War. The structure has housed Town Meetings, the New Ipswich (Appleton) Academy, and has served as a gym. Like other buildings it has evolved over time and in its present form is a Public Hall.

It is on the National Register of Historic Places and I quote from one of their reports of this old historic building: 

“Built in 1817 as a town hall and academy, and remodeled in 1869 for use solely as an auditorium for town meetings, the New Ipswich Old Town Hall is a good example of a rural public building which has been altered to meet the changing needs of a prospering country town. Constructed with high architectural quality at a focal point in the town, the structure has evolved from a Federal style building incorporating elements from an eighteenth-century meeting house into an excellent example of rural Greek Revival architecture. The structure played an important role in the educational history of the state and in the political history of the community.”

Committee Members

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Becky Doyle Member
Jay Hopkins Member
William Kivela Member
Ed Rogers Member